60min Clairvoyant Reading & Healing

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60min Clairvoyant Reading & Healing

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Schedule a 60 minute clairvoyant reading & healing to help see what is going on in your space and remove what doesn't belong. Readings can help you get answers to what you have been seeking and validate your current experience. You will also receive a healing that will help remove unwanted energy/blockages out of your space. I have gone through 9 months of apprenticing to become trained to do clairvoyant readings and healing for others. 

This session will be via zoom. I will reach out to schedule a day that works best for you! I am on eastern time but am very flexible on working around your schedule.


 The benefits of clairvoyant healing:

-release stuck emotion

-feeling validated for who you are and what you have been through in all lifetimes

-uncover unconscious negative programming

-release and integrate core trauma

-finding your sovereignty and inner power

-remove foreign energy blocking you from having clarity & abundance

-find the root cause to issues 

-lift density, confusion, sadness or frustration

-find clarity on your life's path/mission

-heal overthinking and anxiety

-end toxic or negative programming

-clear the way for abundance and prosperity


Madyson is a certified advanced reiki practitioner and clairvoyant reader/healer. She combines the things she has learned over the years to go deeper in her healing sessions to provide greater clarity and validation for her clients. One of her missions in life is to help others step into their power by helping them heal old wounds. Madyson loves to focus on removing negative energy in her clients space to allow them to have a better connection to their higher self and provide them with an easier journey along the way. She also focuses on helping her clients get clarity on what their mission/purpose is in this lifetime and where to go next. Madyson uses her clairvoyant skills to discover what is going on in your mental body, physical body, psychic realm, astral realm, and past lives that could be affecting your current circumstances or holding you back from your greatest potential. Madyson creates a safe and sacred space in her 60 minute virtual readings that are very laid back to make her clients comfortable sharing and exploring sides of themselves that they normally don't get to talk about in their everyday lives. Her goal is for you to leave feeling validated, empowered and clear of any energy preventing you from living your best life.


Disclaimer: although there are many benefits of psychic healing I can not claim to fix or heal anything. I am not a doctor and it is still advised that you see one if you are having serious medical issues.