Throat Chakra Candle
Throat Chakra Candle
Throat Chakra Candle
Throat Chakra Candle
Throat Chakra Candle
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Throat Chakra Candle

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Throat Chakra ūüíô

scent is blueberry cheesecake

The throat chakra, or vishuddha chakra in Sanskrit, is located at the center of the neck. The throat chakra is the energy center for speech and communication. It is directly linked to our integrity and morals. The throat chakra serves as the entrance to the higher spiritual realms. The throat chakra is also responsible for the expression of thoughts, feelings, ideas, a healthy internal dialogue, and striking a balance between speaking and listening, as well as the seeking and sharing of truth, social skills, and personal integrity and honor. The throat chakra is associated with the color blue and the element of ether.

When in balance:

  • hear our inner voice of intuition
  • able to express ourselves authentically
  • healthy communication
  • creative expression
  • in integrity with ourselves and morals
  • able to speak your truth
  • assertive
  • able to share your ideas and opinions
  • being heard
  • speaking up
  • free of judgement or need of approval

  • able to embrace our originality and unique expression¬†
When out of balance: under-active
  • suppress your feelings
  • fearful of speaking your truth
  • shyness
  • stumble over your words
  • swallow your words compromising your authenticity and integrity
  • insecurity
  • speaking too softly or timidly
  • may struggle with owning your creativity
  • artistic block
  • suppressing your ideas and insights
  • socially anxious
  • being silenced
  • unable to express oneself
  • not able to defend oneself
  • doesn't share opinions or state your choices
  • fear of speaking in public
  • speaking so low you can't be heard

When out of balance: overactive

  • overly critical or judgmental of others
  • gossiping
  • talk nonstop
  • talk extremely loud and may shout
  • talk over people
  • dominate conversations
  • not about to hear your inner voice
  • out of sync with your truth
  • overanalyzing and intellectualizing everything to avoid vulnerability
  • complain¬†
  • speak aggressively
  • always need to be right
  • doesn't allow others to express themselves
  • needing to have the last word
  • tend to put your foot in your mouth
The throat chakra governs the mouth, tongue, neck, ears, thyroid and parathyroid. When the fifth energy center is imbalanced in some way we can experience physical symptoms:
  • speech impediments, including stuttering and lisps
  • sore throat or laryngitis
  • jaw or mouth pain
  • throat infections
  • sores in mouth
  • hearing issues
  • ear infections
  • neck pain
  • thyroid disorders
  • hormonal imbalances

(please if you are experiences any of these things please see a doctor or ask for professional help)

Blue Quartz chips are in both candles but a bigger one that you take out before you burn is in the 9.3oz candle.

Blue quartz is connected to the throat chakra. It is a calming stone that also protects from negativity. It is an uplifting stone which can aid to lift depression and restore hope, happiness and peace. It can assist spiritual communication, particularly with angels and spirit guides. Great for the throat chakra allowing for better communication.   

All candles are reiki infused to help make the intention much more powerful and bring peace into your life ‚ú®


Before you light your candle set your intention and visualize your desires that you would like to manifest like it has already happened. 


Bigger crystals are meant to be taken out before burning and are only in the 9.3oz candles.


Disclaimer: I can not claim that my candles do anything to change your life. It is simply a candle made with an intention to help but there is no guarantee that it will do as said. Although that would be awesome.. at the end of the day it is just a candle so please keep that in mind. 


Individually hand poured and made with 100% soy wax for a cleaner burn without the harsh chemicals being released into the air.


Handmade in Ohio


Warning, to prevent fire and serious injury always burn the candle within sight. Keep away from drafts and keep away from pets and children. Never burn a candle near anything that can catch fire. Only burn for 4 hours maximum. If all wax has melted blow out the candle. Remember to trim your wicks before each use. Do not burn when there is less than half an inch left of wax in the jar.